Renting Expensive Cars in LA

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Renting Expensive Cars in LA

In the whole world we have seven billion people. All of them are different; all of them wish different things.
You maybe will never give $ 500 to rent an expensive car, but some of them live for that day.
Even ordinary people rent luxury car, not only the millionaires.
In the rental companies you have the latest cars in the world at your disposal. You can’t rent there for example Volkswagens Golf 2, or Polo.
You can rent Audis, Porches, Lamborghinis, and BMW-s…

Audis for example looks very nice. You have many types of this car so you can’t decide easily which one is your favorite at the first look.
This car was made in Germany, and in Europ it stands side by side with the famous Volkswagen. The first type of Audi was produced in 1909, and you can’t rent this one. I’m not shore if it exists on today’s roads.
During the technological advancements Audi became very famous and today it looks awesome. This car is in most cases sporty and you can feel the power when you see him. It has V6 engine, and its maximum speed is about 250km /Hr. and the interior looks very elegant and expensive. If you rent this car you will enjoy in its power and in its beauty, as long as you drive it.


Porches are for example very strong cars. You can also find million types of these machines. It is also a product from Germany, and its seated in Stuttgart. The interesting thing about this car is that it’s has the flag of the Stuttgart city. Porsche factory is the only factory in the  whole Germany which doesn’t produce cars to be faster than the 250 km/ Hr. so you will never see in this car the speed limiter. This is very strange and interesting.
Porches are used for races, so you can rent this little beast and feel like formula driver. If you rent a Porsche from some company in LA, it will cost much, but this is the only way to drive a car like this, if you don’t want to buy it.


The next one is Lamborghini. It is an Italian car, and this is really sporty car. The first Lamborghini machines were tractors, and they were successful. Since 2011 there Lamborghini Aventadors were produced. This type of Lamborghini has the maximum speed 250km /Hr. and it can accelerate from 0-100 km/Hr. in only 2.9 sec.
and if you want to rent this monster and enjoy in its elegance and speed you will be required to spend around $250 per hour for it.

BMW-s is famous in the whole world. They are a symbol of speed and power.
This car is made in Germany and its seated is München.
It’s famous because of its V6 engine. Since this car was produced they have built only one machine with the engine V10. They are also producing motorbikes and you can rent them too.  All of them are very fast, and look very cool. it can be found in any luxury car rental Los Angeles warehouse.

If you are interested in any vehicle from this list just call the Beverly Hills Rent-a-car company, book your car and drive it off into the sunset.