Need a Car for Special Occasion ? Check Car Rentals

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Need a Car for Special Occasion ? Check Car Rentals

You want to drive a flashy car for some special occasion like birthday party or maybe wedding ? Or you want to have a car for your first movie shooting ? You are at the right place: luxury car rentals can offer plenty of options when it comes to cars. Since not all people have the same taste for cars, according to their needs and wishes different cars exist.Let’s say you want some regular luxury car, nothing too special but with the outlines of flashiness. Almost all car rentals companies have the same cars, the variations are small.

The first choice would be BMW M4. Although coupe, this car offers everything you need for your everyday travel or cruise, with the exceptional comfort and design, made to meet your requirements. This car is not too showy, but still keeps the characteristics of a luxury and elegance and it will catch the eyes of people when you go out for a quick drink. It is designed to reach 60km/h in 4 seconds, so this is not the best choice if you late for your work, but still the design of the engine that runs this car is worthy and responsible for making M4 distinguishable among other luxury vehicles.


Bentley is luxury car, which takes breath away when you see it on the streets. Specifically, I rented Bentley Continental couple of times, because I’m huge fan of Bentley. Bentley Continental GT has 626 HP with the top speed of 320 km/h, which really separates this elegant luxury car from other cars. Definitely number one for some ceremonies and celebrations, since looks very professional. Usually, rental cars companies have discounts on this car, since a lot of people rent it due to its elegance and compactness. I drove it couple of times, so I can say nothing but the best, if I forget the fact that this car is a little bit lazy until it gets its top speed. But still, the car is perfect and I recommend it – 10/10 ! Bentley generally is perfect car for weddings, and often people rent it for such occasions.


Now, if you look for something really fast and luxurious – Lamborghini is for you ! Aventador, Huracan, Sesto Elemento or older models will definitely produce some adrenaline in your body while you drive them ! Hourly rate for renting this brand is a little bit higher, but don’t think for a second that you are overpaying. These cars are made strictly for those who are hardcore fans of fast driving, with affection for sharp turning and unbelievable acceleration. Before you rent this car, make sure you have good driving skills and have in mind that Lamborghini cars have acceleration rate usually around 60 km/h in just 2 seconds, while the top speed reaches up to 350 km/h. You don’t want to spend your insurance in 4 seconds ! So if this is the perfect car for you feel free to check out car rental orange county companies.

Whichever car you choose, make sure you pay your insurance and finish the paperwork. Insurance is must have, and in some states you won’t be able to drive the car if you don’t have it.