Best Available Cars for Renting in Orange County

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Best Available Cars for Renting in Orange County

Every car has its own fan and that is the reason why we have so many cars today. Somebody don’t like Mercedes G class vehicles, while someone like them. Some people prefer bigger cars since they pick up a lot of their friends but on the other hand some people like small cars due to their compactness. In Orange County you can find a variety of cars available for renting in lot of car rental services. They have different types vehicles : from small coupe cars, to big 7 people SUVs and limos. Each class of cars has its own leaders, so I will try to give you some information about the certain vehicles , in case you wanted to know what car you should rent for yourself.

BMW is a well-recognized car that originates from Germany. The most rented BMW car in Orange County is 428i convertible. This model has 240 HP and intercooled DOHC engine, with 8 speed automatic/manual transmission. This enables the top speed of 155 mph with the acceleration rate of 60mp/h in 5 seconds. Pretty fast, isn’t it ? Daily renting fee for this vehicle is generally around $200.


Tesla Model S is hybrid vehicle, relatively new on the market. It runs on 70kWh lithium-ion battery and has decent 257 hp. What is interesting about this vehicle is that has 2 speed system – 1 speed for front driving and 1 speed for rear driving. Five passengers can travel together in this car, alongside with the four bags, considered as luggage. Although electric, this vehicle can develop the tops speed of 140 mph. Rental fee for this vehicle is usually around $600 due to its economical fuel use.


Bentley is luxurious vehicle with the respectable and long tradition. In California, most people drive Bentley Continental GT that costs around $200.000 on a car market. Twin turbocharged V8 engine with aluminum block and heads will definitely give you a whole new experience of driving. Almost 600 HP and 8 speed automatic gearbox will ensure that you develop the top speed of  189mph on a highway. This car has an excellent steering system that will provide you sharp and safe turns at the junctions. If you are experienced driver, the driving experience will get to the next level, I can guarantee you that ! Especially when you are dealing with a company like ThisLosAngeles.


Lamborghini is an Italian brand that makes luxury car models,  often seen in movies or in front of the expensive casinos. The name got from Ferruccio Lamborghini, the owner of the company. The latest model is Huracan, which has an epithet of stealth fighter, due to its aerodynamic shape and interior that look like airplane cockpit. This “devil” can reach 220 mp/h, which is not the highest rate compared to some older Lamborghini models. But still, the shape compensate the speed. The engine inside the car is DOHC 48 valve with 740 hp and 7 speed automatic transmission. Since this car has significant acceleration rate ( 60mph in only 2.7 seconds), turning at the sharp corners won’t be the problem.