Need a Car for Special Occasion ? Check Car Rentals

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Need a Car for Special Occasion ? Check Car Rentals

You want to drive a flashy car for some special occasion like birthday party or maybe wedding ? Or you want to have a car for your first movie shooting ? You are at the right place: luxury car rentals can offer plenty of options when it comes to cars. Since not all people have the same taste for cars, according to their needs and wishes different cars exist.Let’s say you want some regular luxury car, nothing too special but with the outlines of flashiness. Almost all car rentals companies have the same cars, the variations are small.

The first choice would be BMW M4. Although coupe, this car offers everything you need for your everyday travel or cruise, with the exceptional comfort and design, made to meet your requirements. This car is not too showy, but still keeps the characteristics of a luxury and elegance and it will catch the eyes of people when you go out for a quick drink. It is designed to reach 60km/h in 4 seconds, so this is not the best choice if you late for your work, but still the design of the engine that runs this car is worthy and responsible for making M4 distinguishable among other luxury vehicles.


Bentley is luxury car, which takes breath away when you see it on the streets. Specifically, I rented Bentley Continental couple of times, because I’m huge fan of Bentley. Bentley Continental GT has 626 HP with the top speed of 320 km/h, which really separates this elegant luxury car from other cars. Definitely number one for some ceremonies and celebrations, since looks very professional. Usually, rental cars companies have discounts on this car, since a lot of people rent it due to its elegance and compactness. I drove it couple of times, so I can say nothing but the best, if I forget the fact that this car is a little bit lazy until it gets its top speed. But still, the car is perfect and I recommend it – 10/10 ! Bentley generally is perfect car for weddings, and often people rent it for such occasions.


Now, if you look for something really fast and luxurious – Lamborghini is for you ! Aventador, Huracan, Sesto Elemento or older models will definitely produce some adrenaline in your body while you drive them ! Hourly rate for renting this brand is a little bit higher, but don’t think for a second that you are overpaying. These cars are made strictly for those who are hardcore fans of fast driving, with affection for sharp turning and unbelievable acceleration. Before you rent this car, make sure you have good driving skills and have in mind that Lamborghini cars have acceleration rate usually around 60 km/h in just 2 seconds, while the top speed reaches up to 350 km/h. You don’t want to spend your insurance in 4 seconds ! So if this is the perfect car for you feel free to check out car rental orange county companies.

Whichever car you choose, make sure you pay your insurance and finish the paperwork. Insurance is must have, and in some states you won’t be able to drive the car if you don’t have it.


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Renting Expensive Cars in LA

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Renting Expensive Cars in LA

In the whole world we have seven billion people. All of them are different; all of them wish different things.
You maybe will never give $ 500 to rent an expensive car, but some of them live for that day.
Even ordinary people rent luxury car, not only the millionaires.
In the rental companies you have the latest cars in the world at your disposal. You can’t rent there for example Volkswagens Golf 2, or Polo.
You can rent Audis, Porches, Lamborghinis, and BMW-s…

Audis for example looks very nice. You have many types of this car so you can’t decide easily which one is your favorite at the first look.
This car was made in Germany, and in Europ it stands side by side with the famous Volkswagen. The first type of Audi was produced in 1909, and you can’t rent this one. I’m not shore if it exists on today’s roads.
During the technological advancements Audi became very famous and today it looks awesome. This car is in most cases sporty and you can feel the power when you see him. It has V6 engine, and its maximum speed is about 250km /Hr. and the interior looks very elegant and expensive. If you rent this car you will enjoy in its power and in its beauty, as long as you drive it.


Porches are for example very strong cars. You can also find million types of these machines. It is also a product from Germany, and its seated in Stuttgart. The interesting thing about this car is that it’s has the flag of the Stuttgart city. Porsche factory is the only factory in the  whole Germany which doesn’t produce cars to be faster than the 250 km/ Hr. so you will never see in this car the speed limiter. This is very strange and interesting.
Porches are used for races, so you can rent this little beast and feel like formula driver. If you rent a Porsche from some company in LA, it will cost much, but this is the only way to drive a car like this, if you don’t want to buy it.


The next one is Lamborghini. It is an Italian car, and this is really sporty car. The first Lamborghini machines were tractors, and they were successful. Since 2011 there Lamborghini Aventadors were produced. This type of Lamborghini has the maximum speed 250km /Hr. and it can accelerate from 0-100 km/Hr. in only 2.9 sec.
and if you want to rent this monster and enjoy in its elegance and speed you will be required to spend around $250 per hour for it.

BMW-s is famous in the whole world. They are a symbol of speed and power.
This car is made in Germany and its seated is München.
It’s famous because of its V6 engine. Since this car was produced they have built only one machine with the engine V10. They are also producing motorbikes and you can rent them too.  All of them are very fast, and look very cool. it can be found in any luxury car rental Los Angeles warehouse.

If you are interested in any vehicle from this list just call the Beverly Hills Rent-a-car company, book your car and drive it off into the sunset.

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Car Rental

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Car Rental

Today we live in the world where the technology is in progress.
We cannot resist, we can only accept it. The new technology brings to us new telephones, new types of computers, and also new types of cars.
Every country in the world has their car making companies and they are working every day on the newest inventions. The only problem is that those cars are very expensive, and not everyone can buy them. Thanks to people who have invented the rental companies, those problems are no longer problems. Everyday life has become much simpler.
You can find them on every corner in the bigger cities. They work every day, and every day they are on service, so you can call them in every time you want to. They will, with a big smile, accept you and tell you what they have to offer. The majority of them have branch companies in different countries so you can pick up and leave you rental car in different places. If you think that your car has any problem while you’re driving it, you can call the company where have you rented it and they will fix the problem so you can get better car at the same price.

They are offering all sorts of vehicles and not just cars. Many of them are also offering vans, trucks and other vehicles all on rent. Even in the offerings you canf find sometimes buses but buses are hard to book because they are usually already booked. People are renting buses for small trips and company can grant you a driver for a bus, if you need one of course.


These companies make good business with this because they have big fleet of cars and very polite staff. They are ready to give you all sorts of discounts and bonuses just to stay their customer. They are even inventing some new programs for easier car renting. These guys are completely in the service of their customers. They are making big loads of money when there are weddings and limousines needs to be rented. Renting a limo is also one of the features that you can think about. If you are very rich, then you can think about luxury cars.

EIA_CarRental_660       All the vehicles in the major renting companies are insured but sometimes they are offering you some insurance package. Especially in the orange county car rental companies. This is a very tricky question because if you don’t pay money for insurance and you make some damage to the car, they will force you to pay one way or another. You should respect all the traffic rules, which they are demanding for you to respect. If you make some violation, they will make you pay the ticket.

Due to these quick developing technologies, car rentals companies evolved into completely new level. When you are travelling on a holiday, vacation or some trip, you can easily arrange a car to wait for you at your desired destination. The most important thing is that you enjoy in your car and have fun.


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Best Available Cars for Renting in Orange County

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Best Available Cars for Renting in Orange County

Every car has its own fan and that is the reason why we have so many cars today. Somebody don’t like Mercedes G class vehicles, while someone like them. Some people prefer bigger cars since they pick up a lot of their friends but on the other hand some people like small cars due to their compactness. In Orange County you can find a variety of cars available for renting in lot of car rental services. They have different types vehicles : from small coupe cars, to big 7 people SUVs and limos. Each class of cars has its own leaders, so I will try to give you some information about the certain vehicles , in case you wanted to know what car you should rent for yourself.

BMW is a well-recognized car that originates from Germany. The most rented BMW car in Orange County is 428i convertible. This model has 240 HP and intercooled DOHC engine, with 8 speed automatic/manual transmission. This enables the top speed of 155 mph with the acceleration rate of 60mp/h in 5 seconds. Pretty fast, isn’t it ? Daily renting fee for this vehicle is generally around $200.


Tesla Model S is hybrid vehicle, relatively new on the market. It runs on 70kWh lithium-ion battery and has decent 257 hp. What is interesting about this vehicle is that has 2 speed system – 1 speed for front driving and 1 speed for rear driving. Five passengers can travel together in this car, alongside with the four bags, considered as luggage. Although electric, this vehicle can develop the tops speed of 140 mph. Rental fee for this vehicle is usually around $600 due to its economical fuel use.


Bentley is luxurious vehicle with the respectable and long tradition. In California, most people drive Bentley Continental GT that costs around $200.000 on a car market. Twin turbocharged V8 engine with aluminum block and heads will definitely give you a whole new experience of driving. Almost 600 HP and 8 speed automatic gearbox will ensure that you develop the top speed of  189mph on a highway. This car has an excellent steering system that will provide you sharp and safe turns at the junctions. If you are experienced driver, the driving experience will get to the next level, I can guarantee you that ! Especially when you are dealing with a company like ThisLosAngeles.


Lamborghini is an Italian brand that makes luxury car models,  often seen in movies or in front of the expensive casinos. The name got from Ferruccio Lamborghini, the owner of the company. The latest model is Huracan, which has an epithet of stealth fighter, due to its aerodynamic shape and interior that look like airplane cockpit. This “devil” can reach 220 mp/h, which is not the highest rate compared to some older Lamborghini models. But still, the shape compensate the speed. The engine inside the car is DOHC 48 valve with 740 hp and 7 speed automatic transmission. Since this car has significant acceleration rate ( 60mph in only 2.7 seconds), turning at the sharp corners won’t be the problem.


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Renting Limos and Other Luxuries Cars in LA

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Renting Limos and Other Luxuries Cars in LA

Currently we live in a world where we require better transport assets than our feet. So we usually buy a car.

What if it is too expensive for someone to buy a car? What if we don’t actually need a car for a longer period of time but just now? There is a solution for that too. It’s called “Car rental”. Around the world there are thousands of car rental agencies that can help us when we are in need of a car. For a certain fee we can loan a car ranging from a couple of hours, to a couple of weeks. They are usually located near airports and train stations.
Most cars that are today rented are luxury so the companies are making huge profit. The differences between rental companies are small, so people needs are making them better compared to one another.
When it comes to a big wedding carriages are not in fashion today, so no one will buy a limousine, everyone will rent it. The popular rental limousines companies in Los Angeles are:
Crown Limousines, American Limousines, Los Angeles Limo Service, A2A Limousines, Los Angeles Limo… When you rent a limousine, you will get a driver for free, or you can make a deal with the company and the driver can be also your friend. Your future wife will be very happy if you make that her biggest dream comes true. Your limousine can also wait for you at the airport even if you get married in some other place.

People doesn’t rent limousines only for weddings, they can be rented for other special events. Limousines were rented mostly for those “VIP” people, for movie stars, singers, presidents, the government representatives… Also, some people use limousines for Prom nights, because of its good and classy look. These cars and more are available for rent at
Los Angeles is a magical city and can you just image how does it look like from the limousine window? The comfort in those “cars” is unaccountable. And the interior is awesome.
limousinesMost of them have inside mini bar, televisions, telephones, and they are really expensive. The furniture inside is almost always in white color and you can feel like a king in those cars. In limousines you have a part only for passengers, and the driver can’t hear what are you talking about and the privacy is guaranteed. Limousines can be few meters long, and they are most time white or black.
But even they are not perfect; they are also emitting harmful gases like these other cars, which is not good for the air that we are breathing. Those cars are really expensive, but people however will find money for limousines.
The price depends of how much people travel in limousine. For example: for 6 people it costs about $57, and for 16 passengers it cost about $100. And the price also depends on which day you will rent the limousine.
Fill out forms in any rental company and enjoy in your favorite cars for a few days

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